Tips on How to Protect Your Trees From Sunscald This Summer

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Sunlight is supposed to be good for trees because it facilitates photosynthesis. However, there is a particular intensity of sunshine which can be harmful to your trees. The difference between natural sunlight and extreme sunscald on trees is that when sunscald happens, it causes permanent damage to the tree and at times, it can lead to early death of the plant. As the temperatures increase in the summer, it is essential to think about the excessive sunlight exposure that your trees might be getting and the possible effects such as scalds that might ruin the inner tissues of the tree.

Blocking sunlight

One of the most effective things to do to stop sunscald on your trees this summer is getting a way to block the intensity of sun rays reaching the tree. This can be done using cloth wraps. With the covers, you will tie the pieces of cloth all around the barks of the tree and any other areas that might be vulnerable. Cloth wraps are very useful in protecting young trees from scalds from the sunshine.

Reflecting the sunlight

In case you have an orchard, using cloth wraps may not be a permanent solution to the scalding problem. It would be better to think about getting a material that deflects the rays of the sun from the parts of the tree which are susceptible to the burn. Look for a brand of white paint which is harmless to the tree and apply it to the stems and other vulnerable areas. The white paint will protect your young trees for the entire season and will stop the damage from happening.

Avoiding over-pruning

Tree pruning is recommended because it removes the dead and useless parts of the tree. However, when the level is excessive, the tree bark will be left exposed to sunshine, and this could cause scalding. Repeated scalding on the bark of the tree could affect the inner tissues of the tree, leading to premature decline. The best way to avoid over-pruning is to hire a professional arborist for the service.

Note that when a tree has been scalded, it develops cracks and fissures, which become an easy access route for insects and other pathogens which cause tree sickness. If you have an orchard or have planted some trees on your property, it is best to start thinking about getting a professional tree specialist to offer these services, such as tree removal. The life of your tree is not worth risking DIY tree care.